Thoughts On The Go

As someone who makes a living with ideas, it is very important that I capture every moment of inspiration.  Like I mention in my blog, inspiration can hit at unexpected moments, typically when you are relaxed and/or distracted by some other simple task.  And many times, you don't have a piece of paper to capture it before it is forgotten.  This was my inspiration for ThoughtsOnTheGo.  It is an iPhone app which I designed to help people like myself quickly capture thoughts, which can then be process later at a more convenient time.  My favorite way to use it is to use the voice record button to capture a voice memo.  I then hit the "Go" button to have the voice memo emailed to myself.  Check it out and see if it is an app that you might find useful.


Capture Your Every Thought

Never loose that important thought or inspiration again.  ThoughtsOnTheGo is the fast and simple way to capture any thought that occurs to you, at any time, and anywhere.  It provides multiple ways to capture that moment of inspiration.  And whose interface has buttons which are big and easy to operate, especially when you are on the go.

ThoughtsOnTheGo is for busy and/or creative people.  Busy folks, you know who you are.  You are multitasking, constantly meeting new people at events, or have a constant stream of activities you must take care of.  And when a thought comes to mind, if you don't quickly write it down, it is typically lost.  For creative people, we just don't know when that inspiring thought will occur.  And as fast as that innovative idea hits you, it can be gone as the next distraction demands your attention.  That's why ThoughtsOnTheGo was built for people like you.  It's fast so that you can capture that idea immediately, and then instantly go back to what you were doing before.  This app is all about instantly capturing that thought, to do item, idea, or inspiration; and then immediately carrying on with your day.  

Put ThoughtsOnTheGo on your home screen and develop a reflex to reach for it at any moment of inspiration, and you will never miss a thought again.

People like these will find ThoughtsOnTheGo indispensable:
• Mothers ... and maybe even dads
• Executives
• Executive assistants
• Department admins
• Event planners
• Designers
• Project managers
• Anyone who must multi-task as a regular part of their day
• Any creative individual who hates to forget that great idea

Thoughts can by captured in a number of formats.  Use the one that is most appropriate for the moment:
• Type - capture your thought as text
• Snapshot - use the iPhone's camera to capture what visually inspired you
• Video - record a movie of the moment
• Audio - create a voice memo as the easiest way to capture what is on your mind

Neat trick! - Hold the phone up to your face as if you were talking on it, and it immediately starts an audio recording.  Remove the iPhone form your face, and you are brought to the Actions page to quickly finish capturing the thought.  It doesn't get any easier than that.

Part of ThoughtsOnTheGo's usefulness comes from your ability to specify up to six predefined actions.  After you capture a thought, you can select one or more actions with big easy buttons.  You can even specify default actions.  So when you capture a thought, just hit the "Go" button, and those actions are performed without any additional input from you.  Or you can hit the "Actions" button to specify how this specific thought should be handled.  You can set up actions like:
• Email myself - so your thoughts are waiting for you in your email's inbox
• Email your assistant
• Email your boss
• Email your spouse
• Email you team
• Email the book club
• Tweet your thought
• Post your thought to Facebook
• Add your thought to the apps Thought List

Helpful Features found in ThoughtsOnTheGo:
• Capture thoughts as text, images, video, or audio
• Use the Thought List as a multimedia task list
• Specify up to six predefined actions of your choosing
• Setup default actions for your thoughts which are automatically executed when you hit "Go"
• Capture thoughts without having to track them in a separate list
• Large buttons are easy to operate while moving fast and/or when your attention is divided across multiple tasks

ThoughtsOnTheGo in the iTunes AppStore